In Tunis, a sudden craze for cycling breaks down a gender barrier

Tunis (AFP) - The bicycle is now making its way through the bubbling arteries of Tunis, and increasing numbers of women, breaking the gender barrier, are riding in the saddle to gain autonomy, in a craze released by the Covid pandemic- 19.

In a district in the center of the capital, the Japanese garden is transformed every Sunday morning into an open-air school for around 30 apprentices in cycling, where adults, almost exclusively women, learn to pedal.

In sportswear for the most part, beginners try to master the trajectory of small bikes, specially chosen for learning.

Sometimes hesitant, mine concentrated, they watch for obstacles.

"I came to free myself from a burden, that of not having learned the small bicycle," says Samia, 40, proud of the confidence acquired on a bike from her second training session.

"We didn't teach girls, it was not in the culture of our society.The patriarchal vision meant that it was mainly boys that we gave a bicycle.Fortunately, things change," she continues, determined soon to take her grandchildren for a bicycle rather than a car.

- "Take ownership of their lives" -

The "bike-school" launched by the Vélorution Tunisie association has trained nearly 700 people in two years, 97% of them women.And each session is a meeting between generations and social circles.

Women from various backgrounds, from 15 to 70 years old, share the same determination, that of realizing a childhood dream.

The confinement, which emptied the streets of cars during the spring, exploded demand, forcing the association, which has recently resumed its activities, to double the number of weekly trainings.

Posted Date: 2020-07-08

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