The State offers you 50 euros to have your bike repaired

The aim is to encourage the French to take their bicycles rather than public transport when leaving the confinement.The government will make 20 million euros available for “vélotaffeurs” and help cit…The chosen paths: favour walking and cycling, when 60% of journeys made today in France by car are less than 5 kilometres long.To support the development of cycling as a mode of transport in France, which lags behind other European countries, the government is offering a boost to people who are ready to adopt the bicycle for everyday travel: a 50 euro flat rate to have their second-hand bicycle repaired (changing brakes, lights, tyres, etc.). Repairers will be listed on the website of the French federation of bicycle users (

Freda Hall, 28, reckless shoemaker

Freda Hall is a reckless woman from Chicago who can only walk it is full moon. She looks as though she has seen better days. She comes from a rich family. Her purpose in life is to become a senior fishmonger.